Kristen’s Mission


I love what I do. I always have. Ever since I had my first Fisher Price film camera at 7 I treasured photography. I feel the frozen moments.

Now more than ever I capture my little human Sage. A lot of the time it’s with my phone camera. It’s all good. Now more then ever its important to print my creations. Print them on walls, shelves and ledges. I want to be surrounded by love. As we live far from family I want Sage to see people too. The ones who love her.

One thing that makes me more happy is seeing my work on other peoples walls. Not just my family but my friends and my clients. Whom I consider friends as well! I’m a hugger and will more then likely hug you too!

My desire when you see my work is to enlist your senses.

Your belly to grumble when you look at the food photos.

Feel the love within families.

Hear the laughter from a group photo.

Smell the fresh air from the corners of the world.

Above all to draw you in to the unique vision she likes to share.

Decorate your home and office with all of the above!



Client list:

Friends and Family. Princeton University, Help Our Kids Inc, Australis Aquaculture, Greentree Mortgage,  University of Massachusetts, Mummers Parade, Auburn Business Association.