Breaking out into the world

As some whom know me best would understand when I put my heart into something I just don't stop. Going to school at the Hallmark Institute was one of those things. 

When I had a moment in time where I had to decide on my next chapter of life and the sign was loud and bright. I jumped. All in. Head first. I stumbled, prayed, begged, and worked really hard to get here. 

And now its almost done. Only a few months away from going back into the world to continue this book of life with a whole new chapter. A chapter where I am confident with my camera gear! And still learning how to grow in my craft. Training my eye to master this thing we love of light. To sculpt it and form it. So others can be a part of what I see. 

One of the biggest struggles hasn't been to take a picture but to be confident that I am worth the investment one makes when choosing a photographer. To teach my family, clients and friends just how much value is in taking the picture. Cause its more than that. Some think that the camera does all the good work, even tho it does some pretty bad work too.  


I hope to grow as an artist that you value and will proudly put my work on your wall.