Road Trip

Recently after completing the Hallmark Institute of Photography my soul needed a fresh breath of air. You know that itch you get when its winter and you have barely gone outside unless you had to. Or if its 100% out with 110% humidity like today. I get that itch. I prob give myself the opportunity to scratch it more than others. But life is way too short. 

So with some pennies and a tent my dear friend Liz and I set out on a journey. Started with this dream of exploring the upper states. We chatted about it and forgot about it. Until our friend Danielle rang with an offer of a beer fest in Burlington VT. Free ticket~~~ And thats all we needed. Free beer. LOL. So we packed. Well, better yet I packed. I am like a Mom. I have to be ready for anything. Camping, warm, cold, wet, dry, swimming, hell I could have done massages and photo shoots. Let's just say the car was packed and we were off! 

What started in VT led us to Montreal, NH White Mountains and ending our days in Maine. Liz is from El Paso Texas and had not explored our dear northern mountains. It was a blast watching her gaze at the fresh springs, waterfalls, Mt Washington and attempting to put up a tent. 

What I didn't know that I would see was pieces of me. She was a mirror for that week. To see the good and the good intentions. Some say I can be a bit abrasive. Liz accepts me for me, strong willed, opinionated, OCD, and lovable. It was the first time I had actually felt accepted and not afraid to be me. Afraid to be judged by my thoughts. She allowed me to say what was on my mind and offered it with so much love. Was nice to let down my brick it seemed like eternity since I was able to do that. 

With this new awareness I took some time to accept me for me. Forgive myself. Love myself. And just be. 

I thank you Liz...and of course I love you, Jesus. :)

I hope that everyone has someone like that in your life.  

Top of the world with Liz