McGreevy's family portrait session / by Kristen Phillips

What started off as a model call has turned into memories the entire family will treasure forever. As Teirnan entered Rider University for the first year he can now bring his family with him.  Dad was able to take the gift I made for them of the entire family with him on his tour to Japan. Rest of the family is going to enjoy the portraits in their living room everyday! 

I was so excited for this day! My sister Erin was the connector and she joined us as well. Everyone eased into the experience within minutes. I am so grateful Janice shared what really makes her kids tick. Thats so important to a successful photo shoot to be had by all. We could have been done at the first location but I knew it was going to be fun to just keep going.

Where I expected uneasy and camera shy kids I got full on love and joy mixed with healthy touch of sibling rivalry. Everyone had a good time for sure.  Cole smiled away and I got a true joyful smile from Maddy! Nothing makes my heart sing on a shoot more then kids having a good time.

The anticipation of decorating their home with this experience filled my heart with so much joy.  I delivered their wall art yesterday! It felt so good to put the wall art directly on the wall!  Now they can see how much love can cover the walls over the years. Where they think there wasn’t enough room they can now see just how perfect they all fit. 

Shifting my business to wall art and away from digitals feels so good. And this was the perfect family to help me grow and offer what makes my heart sing.  Family portraits decorating your home! I can’t wait for the next shoot. Maybe it will be Maddy in the fall woods. Or Cole for some action football shots.