Christmas Joy

This little bundle of joy was amazing to work with. She had smiles for days despite the cold weather. I could photograph her any time.  A child's innocence is a good reminder to not take things too seriously sometimes.

Only days left till the big day. The last of my gifts came in today. Thank goodness right?! Now have to wrap and make em pretty just to be ripped open. To see the excitement on our receivers face. Is that why we do it? See them start to think of using it, wearing it, or hanging it? Today I pondered if this could be looked at as a selfish act as well? Am I giving the gift to showcase my love. To show just how much I care? What if we can't give everything we want to offer? What if we give too much? That used to be how I showed my love. Wanted to make people sooooo happy on Christmas Day. Thinking that what I got them was just what they wanted! But then I felt some kinda way if it wasn't reciprocated. So, I become more simple and thoughtful with my gifts. I really like giving photos that I have taken for sure.  So this Christmas guess what people are getting? Yep PHOTOS! Now if I can only put some of my own up on the wall. 

Have you read the 5 Love Languages? If not its a must read to understand ones you love, who you work with, your kids, and most importantly YOU! I have learned that without physical touch I notice shifts in my behavior.  They say that its a good place to see what it is that you do the most. Where I love giving gifts, cooking for others or giving praises. Touch is still my main thing. Maybe thats why I so enjoy massage. It just makes sense to me. 

Any who I digress. Back to Christmas joy and finding a way to just be with the ones you love. Maybe its cooking, shopping, watching a movie, driving around looking at lights or just cuddling watching the snow fall. Find a new tradition and try it on for size. I personally want to do something with art this year. Maybe paint, draw or go out and take some pics. Either way love can be shared with more than just things. Share as much love as you can this year! Theres plenty to go around. 

In the meantime isn't this baby ADORABLE?